Systematically the way things work

Love leads to anger and anger leads to hurt

You can’t trust nobody

I was always told
Cause they’ll turn cold

And when you’ve sold your soul

Ask yourself as you grow old

Is all the trouble really worth the gold
Life is not a guarantee

And you can’t buy your eternity

Money won’t miss you when you’re gone
If you get lost

Then try to win

Its not where you’re going

But where you’ve been

Try to live your life outside of sin

You can’t buy happiness

But you’ve bought your pride

You’ve earned your money

By selling lies

But you won’t be forgiven

Until you die

Get Down


Get down baby get down
I saw you dancing on the wrong side of town
And I just couldn’t help myself
The way you move the way you move that body
Come here girl and finish what you’ve started
You’re just teasing me

I will lay you down
Take it off turn you on
Just to see you shine
Shine for me

A country girl with a country name
A gentle soul In a perfect frame
Baby got a hold of me
Hips roll smooth like roller skates
Come on baby do your thing
You’ll get no resistance out of me

My Own Way


He said hey boy
You better step in line
You better follow and comply
Its easier in time
He said hey boy
Put your faith in me
He said
What’s the use in being different these days
Its a long hard road
And a lonely one to take
I just smiled and said if that’s the way it has to be

I’m always looking for the right words to say to you
Who exactly do you want me to be
I suppose you think I’d take the same path that you take
But I will find my own way

Well I heard life is hard
But had no idea
And there’s no victory in fear so stand up
And stand tall
So tall they’ll need a ladder just to reach you
And all the plastic people
Standing beneath you
Are just waiting for your fall

Face Down


Somethings not right here
How would you know
You’ve been thinking about yourself so long
You’ve forgotten how to show compassion
Like a cold growing tired of a toy
Neglected sitting on a shelf
Too broken to enjoy it any more

Don’t make a sound she said to me
So I took each of my steps so delicately
I was so afraid to let you down
That I was the one who ended up
Face down on the ground

I feel so unclear
It just goes to show
I’ve been thinking about your thoughts so long
I forgot about my own
I’ve been so mindless
Bitch you’ve been mindless too
You didn’t notice once
How much I laid to rest for you


I want to disappear
But I am no fool
I know that its the choice I’ve made
I just have to see it through
But I’ve been blinded
And you’re as blind as me
I’m so tired of sacrificing
I’m just nice
I’m not naive

Fat Cheek Kat


Down in the valley
where truth is not seen
Shadows from a fire
cast false imagery
It burns and it burns
Projecting what is seen
But truth is what is
And what is is what seems

Life cant be so hard
We all struggle once in a while
You have to learn to take your shoes off baby

From a colorless sky
To the red sunset
There is a river flowing
Through my ocean of regret
Winters cold has left me here
Awaiting summers day
But now the spring colors in
With the winter painted grey